Global chill-out festival 9


The main idea of the Global Chill-out festival is to introduce interesting musicians, DJ’s, composers, visual artists, dancers, performers or landscape designers to the world. We love the music and of course we love the nature, which has always been a great source of inspiration.

Therefore you can also look forward to visual projections immersed in the nature to enrich the imagination and overall experience.

During the festival you can also attend various healing and creative workshops or interesting lectures.
You can refresh yourself with great vegetarian or vegan food,
high quality tea or wonderful aromatic natural essences.

We’ll be happy to meet you all in a pleasant atmosphere
and together enjoy new and well known chill-out artists from around the world.

This vision has been living for already 8 years and we are looking forward to see you all also this year.

Of course any ideas and contributions are welcome, don’t hesitate to contact us

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 ForSageOne agency a team