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Global chill-out festival 10


Sunflower is a perfect combination of geometry, symmetry and harmony expressing the uniqueness and beauty of nature in the flow of cosmic time. Therefore, we have chosen sunflower as a symbol of this year.




The mission of the Global Chill-out festival is to gather together an open-minded people and share the joy of life and enrich each other in a pleasant relaxing atmosphere.
We love music and also the nature, which has always been an infinite source of inspiration. You can look forward to many interesting musicians, Dj’s , visual artists, performers and landscape designers, this all nestled in an amiable natural landscape.

During the festival you can attend various healing and creative workshops or interesting lectures. You can refresh yourself with vegetarian, vegan and raw food delicacies, quality tea and delightful nature aromatic essences.

We’ll be happy to meet you all in at this 10th year chill-out gathering!

 Global Chill-out festival team